“Demon drinks and smokescreens, whispers in the night, from the mists they arrive merging into sight”

Alternative balladeer Dexter Strangeways.
The aesthetic; surreal Lounge Noir/crooner vocal/cinematic 60s ballads/insidious 50s rockabilly undercurrent.

"like Scott Walker boozing with Nick Cave, Dean Martin and Leonard Cohen in some  smokey, subteranean Lounge in wee small hours. Echo and The Bunnymen appear onstage in between a jukebox selection from Spector and Lynch"

Supported by a six-piece band, including period live strings and booming upright bass, Dexter lights his way through the catacombs of the night with shimmering torch songs.

The band’s base is on the Holloway Rd, North London (down road from Joe Meek’s old studio).

BLOG: click here—->http://dexterstrangeways.blogspot.co.uk/